Who’s Who: A Guide to Learning About Influential People

Excel Chart with today’s most notable personalities in the world.


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who is who

Over 8,200 people listed in regard to their different memberships, for example :

Joe Biden administration
Donald Trump administration
Barack Obama administration
Bill Clinton administration
GW Bush administration
GHW Bush administration
French government administration
EC – European Commission
CFR – Council on Foreign Relations
World Economic Forum
ECB – European Central Bank
World Bank
BIS – Bank for international settlements
Goldmann Sachs
Rothschild Bank
Global Young Leaders
Trilateral commission
French American Foundation – Young Leaders
Le Siècle
Club XXIème siècle
Skull & Bones
The Carlyle Group
Project for a new American century
Berggruen Institute

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In conclusion, the organizations and groups mentioned above are just a glimpse.